African American Language

Your question to me is, whether or not if I could unplug for a little while from technology?  I say I could unplug myself from technology for a little and maybe for an entire day because I don’t need technology to have fun with my friends and family.  For instance, I like to play board games with my family such as my younger siblings, I love to play cards with my family and friends such as spades, in-between, goldfish, and slap jack, and I even love to do word searches when I’m by myself at home.  So I don’t need technology to have fun nor do I depend heavily on technology to keep me from being bored.  But after a while playing games and cards get boring so after that day from unplugging I would have to plug myself back in because I do depend on technology to communicate with my family and friends on my cell phone or on Facebook whenever I decide to login and send messages or answer them.

Through this semester I have learned a lot about technology and individuals who made history in communication technology that I didn’t know about.  For instance, that President Obama and many others are making mobile apps just to spy on what is going on in your life through your cell phone, which is crazy.  It’s already bad enough that I’m being watched through our Facebook and Twitter pages and my cell phone being hacked and monitored while I’m talking on it I believe it’s an invasion of my privacy.  Shoot, I don’t go an invade their privacy by stalking their Facebook or Twitter page or their cell phone calls so why should they care about who I communicate with.  So watch who you talk online and in your cell phones because they are watching your every move and listening every day.

I also learned that most of the technology that we use today was actually started by amateurs, which means they really didn’t have very much money to get started.  I always thought that people who were making all these computers and cell phones and even the internet had money to start their businesses but come to find out each one was kind of started either in a garage or in someone bed room.  For example, Bill Gates made his first computer I believe in his garage and got discovered at a computer convention and the gentlemen that made Google was also started by amateurs because believe it or not this idea was started by two college students that haven’t even graduated yet.  So what I learned from these individuals is if you have an idea that you believe could be big and change the world don’t be scared to go for it.

And what I learned from this class overall is that technology takes a long time to take off and takes a lot of money and patience because sometimes a particular technology may sell millions and some may not so lots of money will be lost; and that we as a society heavily depend on communication technology in our daily lives to communicate with each other, keep up with schedules, to get back and forth to work, etc, so without technology our society would be lost and wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves because I know a couple of people who couldn’t live without having their cell phone or computer handy just in case they need to communicate with someone or to get online when they’re bored.


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