African American Language

I’ve had many experiences using a PC and/or the Internet but I’m only going to mention three of those experiences.  The first is my first mistake with a PC.  This experience included me downloading programs to download music and games to my mother’s computer without her permission and giving her computer hundreds of viruses.  I was wondering why the computer was running so slow because at the time I didn’t know that viruses could do that I was only in 5th grade until my mother told me when she used the computer and she got really mad and I couldn’t use the computer anymore unless it was for homework.  The second experience was the first time I used the World Wide Web.  I was in Elementary School when I first explored the World Wide Web and I was so excited because I was able to play games that I didn’t have at home and I was able to listen to music that I couldn’t buy or music my mother couldn’t buy for me.  So I would stay on the internet from the time I come home from school until the time I had to go to sleep.  My favorite website to go on was some Dollz Mania game where I had to dress up little dolls.  At the time that was fun to me because I was young but when I look back on it now I think it’s boring and don’t know why I thought that was fun.

My third and last experience that I had with a PC and/or the Internet is my first major accomplishment that I made in my opinion which was learning how to type on the computer without having to look at the keyboard the entire time.  This accomplishment occurred when I was a sophomore in High School while I was attending a computer class.  I always wanted to know how to type without looking ever since I first started messing around with a PC and watching other adults who could type exactly like that at like dentist and doctor offices.  After I learned how to type with looking at the keyboard I couldn’t stay off the computer I would pick up any paper with words on it just to show my mother what I could do because I was just that excited about learning a new skill that I could use towards a PC.

The reason I remembered my first mistake with a PC was that I really felt kind of dumb because I didn’t know that downloading programs to your computer could give it viruses and I didn’t know that viruses could really slow down the speed of a computer and but what can I say I was only in Elementary School when I found out and it was my first time downloading anything to a computer by myself.  The reason I could remember my second and third experience is because I was very excited when I first discovered the World Wide Web and the things a person could do on it and I felt very smart when I accomplishment the skill of typing on a computer keyboard with looking down the entire time.  In my opinion all three of my experience taught me something about using a computer, for instance, my mistake taught me to watch what I download on my computer, my first experience with the World Wide Web taught me that if I want to learn anything that I can’ t learn in school or in books I could probably find on the internet, and my accomplishment taught me that there are many more skills I could learn to improve me knowledge about using the computer then what I already know.

The internet has a huge impact on my life because that’s how I apply for jobs through the internet programs and applications that were uploaded to their websites.  I say this because when I was sixteen and I wanted to work at Kroger, which is where I work now years later, I went in to get an application and they told me I had to apply online instead of applying on paper.  As we have discussed in class, the internet may also help me to keep in contact with friends and family who don’t live here in Louisville, Ky through Facebook which is a social media, I can watch television and movies that I missed on YouTube, and I can even shop online without having to leave my house and physically walk into the store on websites such as Amazon.  Basically I depend on the internet for entertainment when I’m bored inside the house after I come home from work and or come home from school and I also depend on the internet to help me succeed in life such as completing homework assignments for my Spanish class, doing research for research papers, and finding and applying for better jobs to live a great life after graduating from college.  The internet has a huge impact on how I live my life every day.


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