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The article, The Terrifying Truth About New Technology, by Daniel H. Wilson was very interesting because he talks about how older people, including Daniel H. Wilson himself, reacts to newer technology that is created by a new generation.  And the same experience he speaks of I see every day and experience every day when I work at Kroger.  For instance, most of the customers that come through my line always tell me that they hate U-SCAN and I always ask them why; the customer always say “I would rather wait in line for a cashier to scan my groceries then to talk with a computer.”  But me I love U-SCAN, I love to scan my own groceries I believe a person can get in and out quicker by using the U-SCAN.  There are so many older individuals who are used to other people scanning and bagging their groceries, they just believe that the new technology is stupid.

I can say that I do agree with the article because technology is going to continue to change and become more advanced with every new generation and technology will continue to change the world no matter what other’s think about it.  I also agree with the statement Daniel H. Wilson states on the third page in the third to last paragraph, “But the moment you choose to stop growing, your world will begin to shrink.”  The reason I say I agree with this statement is because if a person don’t adjust or adapt to the new technology that comes out, a person could feel left out because all their friends have the newest phone or game system that came out.  For example, I had an experience like that, when my cousin and my friends had got a touch screen phone I kind of left out because I still had my rumor where I still had to press buttons.  But I finally got one and now I don’t really that  way anymore.

Another example, is when my mama first got introduced to texting.  At first she didn’t want to try is because she thought it was stupid and a waste of time.  She always said that if she needed to talk to somebody she would rather call them on the phone then text them.  But now she text all the time, before she decide to call me and would text me instead.  So from these example it shows that my mama was against using texting to communicate with people and now that she has adapt to the new technology that she didn’t have growing up as a child she can understand and enjoy the new technology; but she still doesn’t want to upgrade to a touch screen she thinks it too much.

I believe the same thing will happen to me when new technology is created by the younger generation.  I will believe that the new technology is stupid and that I would rather stick to what I have then to upgrade to the new technology.  For instance, I finally seen the new PS4 and I think it’s stupid I will never buy that; I would keep my PS3 and call it a day.  I can search the Internet, watch Netflix, and play games I don’t need to buy a whole new system to do the exact same things I’m doing now.  But at the same time I will have to adapt to the new technology because we, the people, depend on technology to help us through out our life to survive in this world.


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