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Camcorders and webcams can become very important consumer devices because these products can help record memories that a person would want to remember for years to come. Like home videos, when parents record their child(s) first word or the first time their child(s) walks on their own. Using home video technology can help people reflect back on their past memories of special moments like family gatherings and celebrations that have been forgotten because of the years that went by. So having camcorders and webcams to record those moments makes them very important in our lives.

Many people now a days know how to make great videos by using camcorders and webcams and many people are bad at shoot videos. For instance, people who are making a video using camcorders and webcams know how to properly make a video because of how they can put in graffics and musics into the video as its playing or how a video and go in and out when changing scenes. But people using other devices other than webcams and camcorders shoot terrible videos in my perspective because there is no excitment to the video it’s just a person talking and shooting and that’s boring. If you don’t believe me watch one of those recorded fights on youtube, people you be shooting with the camera phones are always in the back missing so much of the action. That’s what you call bad video making when a person can’t even see all the action.

I believe Communication Majors should know something about how to edit and shoot videos because for the simple fact that one of the job a Communication degree can give you is a directors job or a job to where you a behind the scenes using the equipment. I think Communication Majors should know something about editing and shooting video because it could help further their career in the production business, such as, helping them get their feet in the door towards a job that they would like. For example, if a college student see an opportunity to help make a million dollar movie as an internship and he/she know how to work the equipment nine times out of ten that student would get the job because they don’t need any training and they can get down to work right away. And maybe even land a job at the end of the internship if they do a great job.

Home video production plays a huge part in the communication environment because it can help people communication with family members and friends over the internet instead of using the phone. So while using home video products such as webcams a person would be able to talk to a family member or far away friend face to face. Which is awsome if you ask me because I would rather talk to a person face to face then the telephone if I could. Home video production plays a huge role in the communication environment because a person can use it for business or starting a career like music career. Home video productions can be use to educated individuals on how to fix something that’s broken, inform people about what’s going on in the world, etc. I believe home video production plays a major role in the communication environment and a huge role in every day life.


Out of all the Communication Technology Theories we have discussed during class so far this semester my favorite one is the Social Learning Theory/Social Cognitive Theory because it bascially talks about how people imitate other individuals behaviors and actions. Especially young kids who watch a lot of television, they really copy what they see on television every day and sometimes even learn from the shows that they watch. For example, Dora the Explorer, young kids who watch this show learns how to speak Spanish before they even start school because my little cousin used to watch this show and he could speak Spanish around the age of five years old. So watching television can really relate to the Social Learning Theory/Social Cognitive Theory.

Television and this theory can go hand in hand because according to the book on page 54, we have read in class on the Social Learning Theory/Social Cognitive Theory it states that it’s a useful framework for examining not only the effects of communication media, but also the adoption of communication technologies. Which is true because of the way that television is used by different companies to advertise their products. For instance, companies such as Insight and Direct TV, when watching their advertisements on Television these companies not only try to persuade you to buy their products and/or communication technology, but these companies show you by using actors and/or ordinary people to tell how their experience was using that particular product.

So by watching those individuals say that they did or did not like using the technology you are learning more about pros and cons of the technologies those companies are trying to sale which is the social learning part of this theory. On the other hand, the cognitive part of this theory is that you, the consumer, actually think about purchasing the product or not purchasing the product off of what your heard and saw on television. So as you can see this theory is my favorite because it can explain how a lot of people make decisions on what they want to do and how to act just by watching television. And how television and the Social Learning Theory/Social Cognitive Theory can go hand in hand to improve the growth of television because of all the advertising that companies put out to increase their sales. I believe television is going to be more advanced in the future to come.

On what devices I use to listen tom muck you ask?  Well, I use many different devices such as my MP3 player, my media player in my phone, and my media player on my computer.  I even listen to music on the FM radio in my car but only on Sunday’s because I love to listen to Gospel Music on my way to work.  The last device I use is the television because I watch a show called “Sucker free” early in the morning on the MTV2 channel.  But out of all the devices that are listed above for music entertainment I mostly use my MP3 player and my cell phone because as we discussed in class MP3 players, cell phones, computers, iPods, or any kind of personal digital audio are becoming more popular when listening, downloading, or recording music than CD players and radio today.  Which I do agree with because every day I see students walking to class with their MP3 players or iPods listening to music.  Which brings be back to the discuss that we had in class today that college students spend 7.5 hours of listening and 23% of it be music alone.  That was interesting to me because that’s something I didn’t know until today, so music is a big part of a students day.

The second question being asked is….”When do I listen to music?”  I listen to music all day every day no matter what I’m doing.  I listen to music when I’m driving in my car because I like to bop as I’m driving I can’t stand siting or riding in complete silence that makes the journey to my destination boring and makes it seem longer then it should be.  I listen to music on my telephone on my media player when I’m taking a shower because I love to sing in the shower.  I’m pretty sure everyone has sung in the shower before singing in the shower makes it more enjoyable than just getting in, washing up, and getting out; music just makes taking a shower or bath more fun.  I listen to music while walking down to the corner store it helps me to stay focused on getting from point A to point B and back to point A especially when I walk to the store in the middle of the night by myself I guess you can say listening to music as I’m walking gives me courage in a way; because I hate walking somewhere by  in the dark with all the problems on the streets.  I also even listen to music as I clean up the house, for example, as I’m washing dishes or vacuuming the floor because I love to sing and dance to my favorite music it makes cleaning up more fun and makes it go by more quickly.  I don’t know its like once I start listening to music I forget about whatever it is that I’m doing at that moment and go straight into auto pilot and don’t even realize what’s going on around me or how fast time fly.

The reason I listen to music is because it helps me to relax when I get mad at someone or something that goes wrong.  Listening to music helps me relax when I’m stressed out over something, for instance, when I’m stressed or mad I would stop whatever it is that I’m doing and just cut on some music either from my MP3 players or on my phone and it would help me focus and calm down on whatever the situation was and find a great solution to that problem.  Another reason I listen to music is that music puts me to sleep when I can’t go to sleep after getting off work at UPS around 4 o’clock in the morning; music really calms my nerves and my body.  The last reason I listen to music is that it’s fun to listen to and it helps me get over some of my personal problems that I have in my life because some the music I listen mostly R&B Music can relate to me.  For example, when I listened to T.I’s song “Live Your Life” it helped me get over one of my emotional problems because what I got out of the song was no matter what it going on right now once it’s in my past leave it there and just live your life because it’s too short to be dwelling on the past.  And that’s why I listen to music it can if you listen hard enough can feed you great information that you and I could use for ourselves.


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