African American Language

African American Women and Communication

Posted on: March 2, 2011

African American woman have their own way to communicate with each other. Their words and gestures can tell a story of their own. Different types of woman have different way to communicate with each other.  One of the most common things that black women say is the word “Girl.” You can tell by the way that they say it what kind of story they’re about to tell you. If they drag the word out like “ggggiiiiirrrrlllll” then they are basically saying that they have a crazy story to tell you. If they just flat out say “girl” then they’re trying basically just trying to get your attention and saying “listen.”

African American women are the queens of having body gestures when they speak. One of the most popular things that they do is move their head and neck around. If they start to get really into the conversation their head and shoulders start to bobble around. When they start bobbling it usually means that they are upset or feel really passionate about the story that they’re telling. You can usually read their emotions by what type of gestures they use when they talk.

This is just a quick video of 2 girls answering some questions:

Even though the video was short, you still got a chance to see the head bobbing and the attitudes that they girls had when they were talking. The bobbing of their heads told you that they were not playing about the situation. You could also read their emotions from the bobbling. You could tell that they were very upset and angry about the situation in those short seconds.

But not all black women talk like that; it’s pretty common though. You can usually tell how someone feels about a situation in the first few seconds of their story. I personally like it because they’re not sugar-coating anything. They are being real and straight to the point with their emotions. As long as they know their surroundings when they’re talking it’s fine. You can’t just going off and telling a crazy story anywhere. As long as you don’t draw any extra attention to yourself or others i’m okay with it.

Kayla Wahington



2 Responses to "African American Women and Communication"

Awesome to hear a little bit of explanation of different gestures and words used by African American women. I think that language can sometimes be one of the biggest barriers for two races to cross. Let’s face it, white people and black people do not always have the same meanings for some words and we all get our points across in different ways. This can be frustrating for both sides I think, but it is also one of the things that makes people so unique in their own ways.

– Jeff Gardner

I feel your article was accurate because, it seems today in society if you can communicate accurately with both also the African American race or the white race vice versa then you get these weird facial gestures from people that are around while your talking to that person of the race like they can’t believe it! It is really prevalent when it happens with women because of the different backgrounds and communications styles. It just reminds me how sometimes when I talk to my friends that are girls and white how some people might stop, look, and or stare.. I guess because they don’t get it or understand it. But, when I think about it all women can communicate to each other regardless of race because women just know how a women is or how they feel. It’s like a “womanly bond”but, when it comes to race then that’s when you have to make sure you can get your point across without seeming up tight or rude!

Kirstin Plunkett COMM 275

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