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 Have you ever took the time to think about how you interact with the opposite sex?

 When attempting to get the opposite sex’s attention, it’s all about the first impression and approach.  African-American males have a very different view on how to approach a female than a white male. Black men use a different technique that involves more than just verbal communication.  I will be going into detail about the various forms of communication black males  do to grasp a  female’s  attention.

In Black culture, it is customary for black men to approach black women in a manner that openly expresses a sexual interest.(Kochman 75) When a black male first approaches a female, the first thing he is sure to acknowledge is physical features. In other American cultures, this is often seen as a form of sexual assault. Black men make references to body parts on women as a way to show they are appealing.  Simple phrases such as “Don’t hurt em'”, “Hey baby, let me talk to you for a second,” just to give some examples, are used to get the woman’s initial attention. African-American males generally have phases or steps they go through to “get the girl.”

Black males do resort to touching a female to get her attention.  This brings on the forms of body language that is used. An example of this would grabbing a female’s arm. They use this form when the female shows non-interest. Nevertheless, this shows a challenge . Since Black men love these, this is not their cue to leave the woman alone. 

Direct rejection is the main way to stop pursuit. A forceful verbal insult usually stops the black male from trying to “get to know you.”

Black males recognize that women make the final decision on who they select to give a chance. This “decision” becomes a challenge to them. African-American males love challenges. They are very competitive.  Nonetheless, they see the woman as a “prize,” based on how hard it is to “get” the female. By getting the females number or any other form of contact is seen as “winning.”  Not suprisingly, this  is very similar to a game itself because the whole win or lose aspect.   I would like to end the entry on asking a question.

Is this form of body and verbal language REALLY an efficient way to “get the girl”?

By: Raven Hudson March 10,2011


One of our greatest abilities as Humans is the power to convey meanings or ideas from one person to another. Even if  it is a great new idea, or you’re opinion on what you should have for dinner that night; our ability to use language is a key part of our daily lives. language stated out simple enough, just to convey basic feelings or ideas across to our peers; but as time went on we developed more things to tell each other and more complicated ways to do it.  This, along with differing cultures and different languages, can cause a lot of confusion in the “listener” or even the “speaker” even when trying to pass on a very simple idea.  Even within the same culture, geographical separation and cultural differences can make it hard for one individual to understand another. For example, it is understood in our country that a person from the north may have a hard time understanding someone from the south.  Differences in the same language (Dialects) can make it difficult to communicate because  words may, be pronounced in a different way, be used in different ways, or the dialect may even have some words that the other person may be unaware of.

Even within a geographic area, there are different cultures within them, and since this is a African-American Communications blog. I will focus on interactions between Whites and African-Americans.  Since the two cultures are different, each also has its own dialect of American English.  For example, African-Americans have a wide variety of words they use that are unfamiliar to whites that would most likely not know of these words unless they had been immersed in both cultures at one point in their lives. Most  African-Americans seem to not have this same issue, because as we discussed in class, they seem to be more immersed in the white culture and language.


I would like to open this now to the readers, some things to think about would be other examples of differences in language causing communication issues, personal experiences, or whatever else you want to post!


Hope I gave you something to think about

Ethan Grunst

This youtube video goes over what I was speaking of in the first paragraph, and also discusses what the american populus considers ” Correct” American English. This video was not exactly what I was looking for, but it does help illustrate some of my points.

African American woman have their own way to communicate with each other. Their words and gestures can tell a story of their own. Different types of woman have different way to communicate with each other.  One of the most common things that black women say is the word “Girl.” You can tell by the way that they say it what kind of story they’re about to tell you. If they drag the word out like “ggggiiiiirrrrlllll” then they are basically saying that they have a crazy story to tell you. If they just flat out say “girl” then they’re trying basically just trying to get your attention and saying “listen.”

African American women are the queens of having body gestures when they speak. One of the most popular things that they do is move their head and neck around. If they start to get really into the conversation their head and shoulders start to bobble around. When they start bobbling it usually means that they are upset or feel really passionate about the story that they’re telling. You can usually read their emotions by what type of gestures they use when they talk.

This is just a quick video of 2 girls answering some questions:

Even though the video was short, you still got a chance to see the head bobbing and the attitudes that they girls had when they were talking. The bobbing of their heads told you that they were not playing about the situation. You could also read their emotions from the bobbling. You could tell that they were very upset and angry about the situation in those short seconds.

But not all black women talk like that; it’s pretty common though. You can usually tell how someone feels about a situation in the first few seconds of their story. I personally like it because they’re not sugar-coating anything. They are being real and straight to the point with their emotions. As long as they know their surroundings when they’re talking it’s fine. You can’t just going off and telling a crazy story anywhere. As long as you don’t draw any extra attention to yourself or others i’m okay with it.

Kayla Wahington



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