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Your question to me is, whether or not if I could unplug for a little while from technology?  I say I could unplug myself from technology for a little and maybe for an entire day because I don’t need technology to have fun with my friends and family.  For instance, I like to play board games with my family such as my younger siblings, I love to play cards with my family and friends such as spades, in-between, goldfish, and slap jack, and I even love to do word searches when I’m by myself at home.  So I don’t need technology to have fun nor do I depend heavily on technology to keep me from being bored.  But after a while playing games and cards get boring so after that day from unplugging I would have to plug myself back in because I do depend on technology to communicate with my family and friends on my cell phone or on Facebook whenever I decide to login and send messages or answer them.

Through this semester I have learned a lot about technology and individuals who made history in communication technology that I didn’t know about.  For instance, that President Obama and many others are making mobile apps just to spy on what is going on in your life through your cell phone, which is crazy.  It’s already bad enough that I’m being watched through our Facebook and Twitter pages and my cell phone being hacked and monitored while I’m talking on it I believe it’s an invasion of my privacy.  Shoot, I don’t go an invade their privacy by stalking their Facebook or Twitter page or their cell phone calls so why should they care about who I communicate with.  So watch who you talk online and in your cell phones because they are watching your every move and listening every day.

I also learned that most of the technology that we use today was actually started by amateurs, which means they really didn’t have very much money to get started.  I always thought that people who were making all these computers and cell phones and even the internet had money to start their businesses but come to find out each one was kind of started either in a garage or in someone bed room.  For example, Bill Gates made his first computer I believe in his garage and got discovered at a computer convention and the gentlemen that made Google was also started by amateurs because believe it or not this idea was started by two college students that haven’t even graduated yet.  So what I learned from these individuals is if you have an idea that you believe could be big and change the world don’t be scared to go for it.

And what I learned from this class overall is that technology takes a long time to take off and takes a lot of money and patience because sometimes a particular technology may sell millions and some may not so lots of money will be lost; and that we as a society heavily depend on communication technology in our daily lives to communicate with each other, keep up with schedules, to get back and forth to work, etc, so without technology our society would be lost and wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves because I know a couple of people who couldn’t live without having their cell phone or computer handy just in case they need to communicate with someone or to get online when they’re bored.


To me blogging can be a negative tool to use or blogging can be a positive tool because people can use blogging to start rumors like the rumor that was stated in the article about how South Carolina’s governor Nikki Haley was about to be indicted for tax fraud back in April.  People can say threaten someone through blogging that can affects other individuals lives to the point where a person can get very depressed or even get embarrassed because of blogging.  But blogging can be a useful tool to help candidates in elections, for instance, in a video that I watched in class in stated that some individuals use blogging to help share how they feel about the candidates that are running and sharing positive information about that particular candidate that’s running for a particular position.

Blogging has a huge impact on our society because anything people read that’s put online through a blog or a tweet people are going to believe and spread whatever it was that they read around to other people.  In society today blogging as a huge impact because it’s basically another way for individuals to get their voices heard on how they feel about certain situations or problems they feel needs to be addressed that most people don’t realize in their every day life.  For example, I have a friend to uses Facebook to post blogs about new and interesting information, no matter if it’s good or bad news or information, that he finds and speaks his mind about how he feels about it and to him that’s one way of getting his voice heard by other people around the world.  Blogging will never decrease only increase because there are more and more individuals, especially young individuals, starting to get access to social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, etc in order to have that power of freedom of speech and also to make and keep up with friends and family who live else where in the United States.

I think giving the power to publish any thoughts and ideas to everyone through blogging is a good thing because I believe and in my opinion think that everyone has the right to say whatever it is that they feel about a certain problem, issue, or situation that’s going on it the world no matter what other’s think.  At the same time eventhough given the power to publish your thoughts and ideas some things are best kept unsaid from the public eye because it can cause/create problems that can become fire attacks for the blogger.  For instance, some thoughts or ideas can be used against the blogger if he/she has any enemies online and it can’t create a huge problem between the two individuals so don’t put your personal thoughts and ideas online because you don’t know who can be watching you and reading your blogs.

After reading the article called, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Web tracking, I feel really concerned about my personal information that I have stored on my laptop. I don’t know what they know information they have collected about me from my email address to my browsing history information. What really have me concerned was the the true or false question about the Federal Privacy Laws to protect our personal surfing data being used without our permission. Which turn out to be false that there is no federal privacy laws against collecting our data. I say this question concerns me because somethings when I browse the internet on google I always look up personal questions that I wouldn’t ask other people so I wouldn’t want some company collecting my personal surfing data on my computer. That’s an envade of my personal in my opinion.

I have took some kind of actions to protect my privacy, for instance, with my passwords that I store on my computer I keep them in a vault through norton’s protection and the only way to gain access to my personal information or website such as my email address a person has to access my vault on my computer. I sometimes delete my browsing history so that those particular company can’t track me on my computer and collect information about me.

Now I do have a facebook but I really don’t be on it like that, I would say that I get on my facebook every now and then. Basically, I only go on facebook if I get a message in my email that I have a friend request or have a message from one of my friends or family. But I don’t think people should tell everybody what their doing in there private life because many individuals really don’t care. Many of those individuals would laugh at their situation weather if it’s good or bad and maybe even use their posts against them if there are problems present between those individuals. So I believe if you are having personal problems or problems with somebody else keep it to yourself.

We as individuals need to be aware of people and company’s tracking us online because they could use our information to ruin our lives to the point where a person couldn’t get a job, go to school, etc. For example, in class we watched a video where a women lost here job of 30 years because of her facebook post she had posted about the students and about the parents of the students. So I believe we as citizen should be very concerned about these privacy and tracking issues that are occurring everyday.

I think Video Games play a huge role in our lives, especially in our younger siblings lives, because some Video Games can affect our behaviors on how we act in real life.  For instance, younger kids who play these violent games sometimes try to copy the acts that they see on the video game.  Games such as Grand Theft Auto, for example, mostly people like to play these game because you can steal cars, make lots of money, and beat people up.  But if you really look at this game it has a lot of violence in it that a lot of kids are doing to each other every day.  But not all games are violent, there are some video games that a person can learn from, for example, the video game Cooking Mama.  This game could be a useful to teach a person how to cook real meals instead of just popping pizza in the oven or a pot of noodles on the stove every time they get hungry.

I also think Video Games play a huge role in our lives because it a great form of entertainment when a person gets bored and have nothing to do or when a person just feels like hanging out in the house after a long day at work.  For example, sometimes when I get bored at home after work or on the weekend when I don’t have on money to do nothing or don’t feel like hanging with nobody I will play video games on my PS3.  I mostly played God of War 3 because that was my favorite game out of all the others.  From these two paragraphs video games have had a huge effect on American society because some of the violence that is being produced in the games and I bet if you would just sit outside on your porch one day and watch the young kids in your neighborhood that you would actually see how society would remind you of a video games.  From the way the kids act to the way  to the way they talk to each other.

Video games and society I believe could relate to the framework of producers and distributors.  I say this because the people who make the video games would be the producers obviously and the society would be the distributor because these are the individuals who buy the video games, play them, and send the message out to others on if the game was good or bad.  And depending on their reaction it may or may not persuade others to pay it for themselves.  For example, there was a game I wanted to buy from the books, music, and exchange store down the street from me.  My cousin saw the game and said that game was weak.  So basically in these example my cousin was the distributor because she was giving me the information about the video game that was made by the producer to convince me not to buy that particular game.  I didn’t listen to her and bought the game anyway and wish I did listen to her because that game sucked.

I’ve had many experiences using a PC and/or the Internet but I’m only going to mention three of those experiences.  The first is my first mistake with a PC.  This experience included me downloading programs to download music and games to my mother’s computer without her permission and giving her computer hundreds of viruses.  I was wondering why the computer was running so slow because at the time I didn’t know that viruses could do that I was only in 5th grade until my mother told me when she used the computer and she got really mad and I couldn’t use the computer anymore unless it was for homework.  The second experience was the first time I used the World Wide Web.  I was in Elementary School when I first explored the World Wide Web and I was so excited because I was able to play games that I didn’t have at home and I was able to listen to music that I couldn’t buy or music my mother couldn’t buy for me.  So I would stay on the internet from the time I come home from school until the time I had to go to sleep.  My favorite website to go on was some Dollz Mania game where I had to dress up little dolls.  At the time that was fun to me because I was young but when I look back on it now I think it’s boring and don’t know why I thought that was fun.

My third and last experience that I had with a PC and/or the Internet is my first major accomplishment that I made in my opinion which was learning how to type on the computer without having to look at the keyboard the entire time.  This accomplishment occurred when I was a sophomore in High School while I was attending a computer class.  I always wanted to know how to type without looking ever since I first started messing around with a PC and watching other adults who could type exactly like that at like dentist and doctor offices.  After I learned how to type with looking at the keyboard I couldn’t stay off the computer I would pick up any paper with words on it just to show my mother what I could do because I was just that excited about learning a new skill that I could use towards a PC.

The reason I remembered my first mistake with a PC was that I really felt kind of dumb because I didn’t know that downloading programs to your computer could give it viruses and I didn’t know that viruses could really slow down the speed of a computer and but what can I say I was only in Elementary School when I found out and it was my first time downloading anything to a computer by myself.  The reason I could remember my second and third experience is because I was very excited when I first discovered the World Wide Web and the things a person could do on it and I felt very smart when I accomplishment the skill of typing on a computer keyboard with looking down the entire time.  In my opinion all three of my experience taught me something about using a computer, for instance, my mistake taught me to watch what I download on my computer, my first experience with the World Wide Web taught me that if I want to learn anything that I can’ t learn in school or in books I could probably find on the internet, and my accomplishment taught me that there are many more skills I could learn to improve me knowledge about using the computer then what I already know.

The internet has a huge impact on my life because that’s how I apply for jobs through the internet programs and applications that were uploaded to their websites.  I say this because when I was sixteen and I wanted to work at Kroger, which is where I work now years later, I went in to get an application and they told me I had to apply online instead of applying on paper.  As we have discussed in class, the internet may also help me to keep in contact with friends and family who don’t live here in Louisville, Ky through Facebook which is a social media, I can watch television and movies that I missed on YouTube, and I can even shop online without having to leave my house and physically walk into the store on websites such as Amazon.  Basically I depend on the internet for entertainment when I’m bored inside the house after I come home from work and or come home from school and I also depend on the internet to help me succeed in life such as completing homework assignments for my Spanish class, doing research for research papers, and finding and applying for better jobs to live a great life after graduating from college.  The internet has a huge impact on how I live my life every day.

The article, The Terrifying Truth About New Technology, by Daniel H. Wilson was very interesting because he talks about how older people, including Daniel H. Wilson himself, reacts to newer technology that is created by a new generation.  And the same experience he speaks of I see every day and experience every day when I work at Kroger.  For instance, most of the customers that come through my line always tell me that they hate U-SCAN and I always ask them why; the customer always say “I would rather wait in line for a cashier to scan my groceries then to talk with a computer.”  But me I love U-SCAN, I love to scan my own groceries I believe a person can get in and out quicker by using the U-SCAN.  There are so many older individuals who are used to other people scanning and bagging their groceries, they just believe that the new technology is stupid.

I can say that I do agree with the article because technology is going to continue to change and become more advanced with every new generation and technology will continue to change the world no matter what other’s think about it.  I also agree with the statement Daniel H. Wilson states on the third page in the third to last paragraph, “But the moment you choose to stop growing, your world will begin to shrink.”  The reason I say I agree with this statement is because if a person don’t adjust or adapt to the new technology that comes out, a person could feel left out because all their friends have the newest phone or game system that came out.  For example, I had an experience like that, when my cousin and my friends had got a touch screen phone I kind of left out because I still had my rumor where I still had to press buttons.  But I finally got one and now I don’t really that  way anymore.

Another example, is when my mama first got introduced to texting.  At first she didn’t want to try is because she thought it was stupid and a waste of time.  She always said that if she needed to talk to somebody she would rather call them on the phone then text them.  But now she text all the time, before she decide to call me and would text me instead.  So from these example it shows that my mama was against using texting to communicate with people and now that she has adapt to the new technology that she didn’t have growing up as a child she can understand and enjoy the new technology; but she still doesn’t want to upgrade to a touch screen she thinks it too much.

I believe the same thing will happen to me when new technology is created by the younger generation.  I will believe that the new technology is stupid and that I would rather stick to what I have then to upgrade to the new technology.  For instance, I finally seen the new PS4 and I think it’s stupid I will never buy that; I would keep my PS3 and call it a day.  I can search the Internet, watch Netflix, and play games I don’t need to buy a whole new system to do the exact same things I’m doing now.  But at the same time I will have to adapt to the new technology because we, the people, depend on technology to help us through out our life to survive in this world.

Camcorders and webcams can become very important consumer devices because these products can help record memories that a person would want to remember for years to come. Like home videos, when parents record their child(s) first word or the first time their child(s) walks on their own. Using home video technology can help people reflect back on their past memories of special moments like family gatherings and celebrations that have been forgotten because of the years that went by. So having camcorders and webcams to record those moments makes them very important in our lives.

Many people now a days know how to make great videos by using camcorders and webcams and many people are bad at shoot videos. For instance, people who are making a video using camcorders and webcams know how to properly make a video because of how they can put in graffics and musics into the video as its playing or how a video and go in and out when changing scenes. But people using other devices other than webcams and camcorders shoot terrible videos in my perspective because there is no excitment to the video it’s just a person talking and shooting and that’s boring. If you don’t believe me watch one of those recorded fights on youtube, people you be shooting with the camera phones are always in the back missing so much of the action. That’s what you call bad video making when a person can’t even see all the action.

I believe Communication Majors should know something about how to edit and shoot videos because for the simple fact that one of the job a Communication degree can give you is a directors job or a job to where you a behind the scenes using the equipment. I think Communication Majors should know something about editing and shooting video because it could help further their career in the production business, such as, helping them get their feet in the door towards a job that they would like. For example, if a college student see an opportunity to help make a million dollar movie as an internship and he/she know how to work the equipment nine times out of ten that student would get the job because they don’t need any training and they can get down to work right away. And maybe even land a job at the end of the internship if they do a great job.

Home video production plays a huge part in the communication environment because it can help people communication with family members and friends over the internet instead of using the phone. So while using home video products such as webcams a person would be able to talk to a family member or far away friend face to face. Which is awsome if you ask me because I would rather talk to a person face to face then the telephone if I could. Home video production plays a huge role in the communication environment because a person can use it for business or starting a career like music career. Home video productions can be use to educated individuals on how to fix something that’s broken, inform people about what’s going on in the world, etc. I believe home video production plays a major role in the communication environment and a huge role in every day life.


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